If you want to create or open KeePass2 databases on Tails you have 3 ways:

  1. You can install the keepass package, using the experimental feature of Additional software packages.
  2. You can compile the last version of keepassx 2
  3. You can use my precompiled version of keepassx2, with patches for TwoFish support.

This post is about the third point (the simpler one).

If you simply want to open a KeePass2 database and you don’t want to compile it by yourself or to follow experimental procedure, just use my precompiled version of keepassx.

Just point your Tor Browser to http://git.io/keepassx4tails, download the file, copy it to your Persistent Volume (optional) and launch it.
The configuration file (keepass2.ini) will be created in the same directory as keepassx.run.

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05 August 2015